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5 Easy Ways To Spruce Up The Bathroom

By Stefan Walther | November 28, 2023

5 Easy Ways To Spruce Up The Bathroom

While the kitchen is unequivocally the most important room of any house, the bathroom is a very close second.

The bathroom is where we get ready for the day, where we shower and bathe, where we take care of our personal hygiene and our health.

We don’t need to tell you that the bathroom is used every day, throughout the day, even in the night, sometimes throughout the night (if bodily functions are acting up).

So it is vitally important that every home not only has a bathroom — or two, or three — but has a bathroom that functions extremely well.

Because a bathroom is so important, not to mention is complex with plumbing and electrical behind the walls, ceiling and floor, they can also be quite expensive to renovate and update, just like a kitchen.

This article, however, talks about quickly and fairly easily adding some form and flourish to the function. Much like we previously discussed in “5 Easy Ways To Spruce Up The Kitchen,” this is “5 Easy Ways To Spruce Up The Bathroom.”

Because it is smaller, a bathroom can be refreshed and updated more easily and fairly quickly. A two-piece powder room can be completely transformed in an afternoon.

1. Storage And Organization — The simplest, easiest and cheapest way to improve the look and feel of a bathroom is to declutter and reorganize. Yes, the toothbrush is used several times a day, but tuck it away in the vanity or in a drawer instead of always sitting on the counter — it takes only an extra second to take it out and put it away. Clean up the multiple bottles of skin- and hair-care products, toss some out. Set up a small storage cubby or two on the counter to contain loose items, even better with a lid to hide them. Perhaps add some upper cabinets over the toilet. These steps will please your eyes and please your mind.

2. Paint, Plant, Portrait — Small changes can make a big impact. A small area like a bathroom can be repainted in a couple hours, so find a fun, fresh and modern new colour at the paint store. Tip, and very important to note for a small room: A light colour makes a space feel brighter, larger and more airy (as well as cleaner), whereas a dark colour does the complete opposite and can make it feel like the walls are coming in. Add an attractive houseplant — if there’s no window, no natural light, then find a fake, but still life-like alternative. Stick some faux palm fronds in a sleek vase. Maybe add a wall portrait like a nice landscape photo (stay away from people photos as they can “invade” our privacy in a bathroom, make us feel like we’re being watched while we are naked or with our pants down). Freshen up the cabinets with some new hardware, or paint. More expensive and involving, look at updating the flooring.

5 Easy Ways To Spruce Up The Bathroom

Accessories are your friend. Source new bath rugs, it’s always nice to feel fabric under our bare feet rather than hard, cold flooring. Or make a style statement with a nifty new shower curtain or new waste basket. Part of the fun of updating and renovating is shopping and exploring the various options, the Internet is a treasure trove. Do a Google image search and see where it takes you.

A very important note: If there is a shower or bathtub, make sure any new changes can tolerate some moisture and humidity. There are special paints for bathrooms, same goes for flooring. And make sure any portrait is protected.

3. Back Splash And Walls — Paint is always a quick refresh option for any room, but think outside the box, think beyond and get creative. Like a kitchen, a back splash suits a bathroom and, because it’s a smaller space, it can be quicker and easier to install. In fact, many back splash options for the bathroom come pre-assembled and pre-configured, and installation can be as easy as peel and stick. No messy and time-consuming mortar and grout. How about wallpaper? Yes, wallpaper is making a bit of a comeback, if done right, by which we mean subtly. Check out the photo below, transform your bathroom into a daily vacation getaway. Wall decals, big and small, can also dress up a bathroom. Another possibility is installing a reclaimed-wood wall or accent wall, but this can be more complex, expensive and time-consuming.

5 Easy Ways To Spruce Up The Bathroom

4. Fixture Swap — Bathrooms are full of fixtures, both small and large, less expensive to quite pricey. Fixtures that can be fairly easily swapped out, and on a budget, include a towel ring, towel bar, toilet-paper holder, faucets for the sink and tub and shower, rain showerhead, shower body jets, vanity or mirror over the sink, light fixtures and window coverings.

If there is some space, a neat idea for toilet paper is to use a stand instead of a wall-mounted holder. This also allows for more options and more style, a bit of a small accent piece.

5. Personalize And Accent — All bathrooms have a sink and toilet and many have a tub or shower, but they all don’t need to look the same. So get personal and really add some flair. Counter accents can include a small table lamp or unique plug-in night light (perhaps a colourful Tiffany), a piece of handmade pottery, a small seasonal display (for autumn or for an upcoming holiday). For the floor, add a second-hand item like a small, colourful antique chair, side table or small dresser, plus they can double for storing items and stacking towels and such, taking care of some of that wonderful storage and organization mentioned above.

Whether you plan to sell your home or continue to live in it for many more months or years to come, we here at are big proponents of continuous improvement.

Why wait until the day before you put the home on the market to add some fresh paint, swap out some flooring, install a beautiful new modern light fixture, or other tweak that can be small to do — but have a great impact that enhances the living space.

We see many homeowners make improvements just before they sell, so their time and investment all go towards the benefit of the next owner.

Instead, refresh your space now and again, and make your home a more pleasant and more comfortable place to spend time in and make memories with family and friends. Yes, even the bathroom.

And autumn and winter is the perfect time to tackle those indoor improvements, when we are all mostly stuck indoors anyway.

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