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Happy 20th Birthday To Us!

By Stefan Walther | February 29, 2024

Celebrating 20 Years

Exactly two decades ago today, on February 29, 2004, an exciting new venture launched in Thunder Bay, its mission to help owners market and sell their homes quickly and effectively — without having to pay high commission fees to a salesperson. was born — “a new way to buy and sell.”

And it wouldn’t be long, only a couple months, before it absolutely flourished.

Today celebrates 20 incredible years of proudly serving our hometown community. During that time we’ve connected thousands of buyers and sellers, hundreds every year.

Dream homes have been found, everlasting memories created.

As they say, home is where the heart is.

Sellers have been able to truly maximize the value of their home, which is for most the biggest investment they will ever make in their lifetime. Realtor commission and fees can amount to over $20,000 on a $400,000 home. This is just one example of what the savings can be when choosing

Buyers also embraced right from the start, so many years ago. They appreciate the bright and clean website presentation, the ease of navigation, the detailed listing information — and the high-quality photography that has always been a hallmark and top priority, from day one.

When we set out to create we knew we had to appeal to not only sellers, who are our valued customers and keep our business chugging along, but also to buyers, the audience our sellers require to reach to buy their homes. was a novel new marketplace where buyers and sellers could meet.

To get the word out and bring in an audience, we invested heavily in advertising, including on the radio, daily display ads in The Chronicle-Journal, and a constant advertising presence across, which is now TBnewswatch.

This advertising commitment and investment quickly paid off. We are marketers, after all, well-educated (at Lakehead University of course) and experienced (on several local as well as international projects). attracts between 30,000 to 45,200 visitors every week. We list 300 to 400 homes every year.

Twenty years later, we still advertise extensively — every day of every month — but the focus has shifted to social media, namely Facebook and Instagram. has grown our social media followers to 23,315, higher than any local realtor or competing service.

Interesting tidbit: Did you know that Facebook started the very same month that started? February of 2004. What a momentous month.

Our concept: A home should sell itself based on its best qualities, no realtor salesperson required.

Our mission: has always strived to showcase these best qualities in an appealing listing presentation, to the largest buyer audience, to help the seller attract the best offer and the very top price. Quickly and effectively.

And our belief is that if a home is listed with and it is priced correctly for the current market, it should sell within five to seven days. We used to say “seven to 10 days” but our success rate has become so much better, helped along by a hot market (strong demand and lower supply of homes available).

A testament to our marketing success, tried and tested and true over the last 20 years, has been seeing so many homes sell so fast and for over their asking prices. Often we surprise ourselves. Often homes sell above what we or even our sellers would consider a fair and reasonable market value.

Your success is our success. Our success is your success. is proud to serve you.

To better reflect exactly what we do and what we have to offer, we long since changed our tag line from “A New Way To Buy And Sell” to “The Smart Way To Buy And Sell.”

To learn more about what we offer, click or tap Sell Your House, No Commission, call or text us at 807-344-9393, or send us an E-mail at

Thank you for 20 amazing years! We look forward to so many more.

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