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Partner Spotlight: Jones Insurance

By | August 28, 2023

Jones Insurance

Jones Insurance leadership — Jenn Lawr, Jeff Jones, Megan Elsey and Fabiola Martinez.

The people of Thunder Bay and their needs are unique. When purchasing a home, the team at Jones Insurance knows that selecting a policy online or through an out-of-town call centre can be risky for local owners.

With 15 registered insurance brokers on staff and over 150 years of combined experience, Jones Insurance understands the needs of local homeowners, and is proud to partner with them as our exclusive insurance advertiser.

Jones Insurance offers award-winning service, and rewards its customers for loyalty and referrals.

Part of the company’s mission with its current “Growing with Jones” campaign is to educate the local community on the factors that can impact someone’s coverage and price, to make informed decisions and to be proactive against losses.

The cost and coverage of home insurance is impacted by a person’s age, area where the home is located, and type of home they purchase. Let the knowledgeable, friendly team at Jones Insurance help educate and find solutions for insuring your new home.

Buyers should consider the following factors when looking for a home:

  • The age and type of home, roof, electrical work, furnace and plumbing can impact eligibility and cost.
  • Homes that are older than 100 years old, roofs that are over 25 years old, knob and tube wiring, and furnaces that are 20-plus years are all scenarios that may pose challenges when finding coverage and price options.
  • Rural homes that are protected or semi-protected (farther proximity to fire hydrants and fire halls) usually cost more to insure overall.
  • Homes in areas with a higher water table, water limits, or availability of water coverage can be impacted.
  • Properties heated by wood or pellet systems can come with a surcharge and require annual assessments to ensure they continue to run safely.

Jones Insurance

Personal Lines Account Manager Kofi Agbo, MBA.

The good news is that aside from having many partner insurance markets to work with, a dedicated Jones Insurance broker can help navigate these factors and find solutions. There are also several common ways that homeowners can see meaningful savings and protect their homes from losses.

  • Bundle your home and auto when possible. This is the easiest way to save.
  • Ensure your home has a working sump pump, and consider setting up a battery back-up.
  • Install a security monitoring system, if possible.
  • Check that your insurance provider knows you and those living with you are non-smokers (no cannabis or vaping).
  • Let your broker know you are retired or mortgage-free.
  • Staying put. The longer you can work with one company that is the right fit, the better the loyalty discount. Other insurers are often weary when taking on policy holders who constantly move providers from year to year.

Jones Insurance welcomes new clients and is committed to providing the best coverage options for their home and living situation at reasonable prices.

Whether it is a residential or commercial property purchase, it is essential to understand what to be prepared for, and how to get the most value from an insurance policy. In addition to home and auto insurance, Jones Insurance continues to grow its commercial portfolio, offering professional risk management services and products to local businesses across every sector.

Whether taking the next step of your life’s journey, expanding your business, or volunteering your time, Jones Insurance is there to celebrate and support its clients. Check out the “Winning Together, Giving Together” referral contest and learn how you can win $1,000 and have another $1,000 donated to a local charity of your selection. Existing clients will receive an entry and a $10 gift card for every referral made.

The tagline of Jones Insurance, “We’re with you…all the way,” holds true nearly 40 years later.

The team at Jones Insurance is unwavering in its commitment to positively impacting the lives of the people in Thunder Bay and the surrounding communities.

Jones Insurance is very active in the community and is proud to give back, promote and support local organizations and individuals whenever possible. Be sure to follow Jones’ various involvements on social media — Facebook and Instagram.

For quick, friendly and professional advice, or for a no-obligation quote, contact Jones Insurance today at 807-343-9444 or complete the form online.

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Jones Insurance

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