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Partner Spotlight: De Bakker Law

By Stefan Walther | January 1, 2023

Partner Spotlight: De Bakker Law

De Bakker Law is ready to assist — lawyers Vlad Popescu, Johnny De Bakker and Deborah De Bakker.

Over nearly 20 years, has helped thousands of local residents effectively and successfully buy and sell hundreds of properties, saving them millions of dollars of potential salesperson commission. Another aspect that makes the transaction process go smoother is teaming up with a reputable legal firm like De Bakker Law. has been proud to partner with De Bakker Law as its exclusive legal advertiser since the boutique law firm’s inception. Founder, owner and lifelong Thunder Bay resident Johnny De Bakker has been diligently and successfully serving the city and northwestern Ontario for 10 years. Combined, De Bakker Law’s skillful legal team represents over 40 years’ of exceptional experience.

De Bakker Law will draft up an offer, for free, for any buyer looking to purchase a home they saw advertised through Legal assistants are ready to help at De Bakker Law.

De Bakker Law can also represent the seller in a sales transaction and, can, if required, fairly and responsibly represent both the buyer and the seller in any particular transaction, taking into consideration the best interests of each.

De Bakker Law can be reached at 807-345-2356 or by E-mail at De Bakker Law is conveniently centrally located in the Bay Algoma district, at 217 Algoma Street South, but it should be noted that much legal business can take place electronically or over the phone.

When buying and selling a property, it is important to have a lawyer involved when the offer process begins. A buyer and seller should not try to complete the offer to purchase on their own. Many legalities must be considered in the drafting up of this document, and especially in the signing of this document, the latter which creates a binding legal obligation. These particulars include:

  • the full legal names of the buyer and of the seller
  • the accurate and legal property address and description
  • the amount of a deposit to go in trust with the law firm
  • possession date and particulars of the property transfer
  • what’s included with the sale of the home (appliances, certain light fixtures, central vacuum, riding lawnmower, and such)
  • what’s not included with the sale of the home (perhaps a certain heirloom light fixture, appliances, bar stools, and such)

Additionally, the buyer or seller may want particular conditions to be noted on the offer, the most common three being:

  • conditional upon home inspection (most common)
  • conditional upon bank financing
  • conditional upon the sale of the buyer’s current property

These conditions are given a time frame in which to be either waived or met. The time frame could be one week for home inspection and financing, and could be three months or more for the sale of another property.

De Bakker Law is a full-service law firm and, in addition to specializing in real estate, also focuses on wills and estates, criminal and civil litigation, corporate law, medical malpractice, and immigration law. Visit De Bakker Law on the web at

De Bakker Law is the exclusive legal partner and advertiser with Check back often to the Market Insider for exciting new articles relating to various legalities as they pertain to buying and selling homes and properties. As well, we will have some slick videos to share in the near future, stay tuned.

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