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Partner Spotlight: Point Grey Design And Build

By Stefan Walther | April 23, 2023

Partner Spotlight: Point Grey Design And Build

“Your vision, our expertise.”

This is the guiding principle behind Point Grey Design And Build, a local consultation and construction firm that offers complete end-to-end project delivery — from smaller renovations of existing spaces, to larger and more complex new construction and additions, including suites and multiple units.

From big to small, Point Grey Design And Build covers it all.

A client may have an idea of what they would like to see happen, but they are unsure of a way forward, the ins and outs and any complexities, legalities and building codes and such, and how to achieve the end result. A client may even feel discouraged and may feel that an ideal project is not possible — when in fact it very much is — and bringing it to reality may be easier than originally thought.

Point Grey Design And Build can help a client plan and execute their vision.

Point Grey Design And Build employs a team of trained and experienced industry professionals who can guide from the very first step, the concept and design, to the very last step, the construction and final finishing.

Partner Spotlight: Point Grey Design And Build

Design — Point Grey can provide clients with the highest quality in design, drafting and professional engineering services for various project types, including new homes, additions, residential and commercial renovation, cottages and recreational properties, garages and out-buildings, decks and more. The company can perform these services as stand-alone, or can combine them with the actual implementation and final construction of a project.

Point Grey can also provide consultation and management services to help clients navigate important aspects such as municipal zoning, legalization of rental units, code compliance, municipal and utility coordination, construction management and more.

Build — Point Grey’s team of Red Seal builders brings together decades of skills and expertise across various aspects of construction. Point Grey proudly utilizes only gold-standard practices and top-quality workmanship, using only the highest-quality performance materials available. Build services include new homes, additions, residential and commercial renovation, cottages and recreational properties, garages and out-buildings, decks and more.

Point Grey Design And Build specializes in new homes, multi-unit buildings and commercial renovation. The company can help design and build a perfect dream home for your family, add apartment units to an existing investment property, transform office space, and more.

The very first step of any project, of course, is an initial inquiry. With no cost or obligation.

Call 807-251-8436 for a complimentary quote or consultation today, E-mail, visit the website at, or submit an online inquiry here. Follow Point Grey Design And Build on Facebook and on Instagram to keep up-to-date on the various projects that the company has on the go, and that it has successfully completed. Or follow to simply get inspired by new ideas.

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Point Grey Design And Build

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